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About The Founder

Ms. Turnbull earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hampton University and a Master of Education in School Leadership from Columbia University, receiving the latter in 2015. She is certified in special education and began that journey of her career in 2008 as a substitute teacher with several schools. In 2012, she became a Teach for America corps member in Atlanta, GA teaching middle school special education at Riverdale Middle School. During the subsequent years, Ms. Turnbull’s career continued to flourish leading her back into school leadership until 2019 when she decided to pivot her focus. Since 2020, she has distinguished herself as a small business owner with ventures in real estate, e-commerce and most notably her own entrepreneurial consulting company, Turnbull Coaching and Consulting LLC, providing support on behalf of students in special education programs, as well as their parents, teachers, and schools.

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In 2022, Ms. Turnbull and Teach for America forged a new partnership with her as Director of Programs.
She is responsible for coaching 25 teachers in seven schools in the New York City area. In this capacity,
she also assists Teach for America in the induction and hiring process for new teachers to ensure they
are prepared to do the best for the children they are teaching. With the surge of the virtual space due to
the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms. Turnbull also partnered with a virtual company, EdConnective, to deliver
virtual instructional coaching to teachers across the country. Accounting for her tremendous success,
she was recently named to the Top 10 Inspiring Education Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022 by
Entrepreneur Magazine.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, she was also appointed as the dean of special education and
the dean of literacy for two wonderful charter school networks. In recognition for her work, she has held
the honor of the Teacher of the Year and special recognition as ELA Department Chair at her respective
schools. Ms. Turnbull also contributes to her community by volunteering for projects benefiting the
elderly, young children, and offering mentoring for young African American girls.

Seeking to continually reach greater heights, Ms. Turnbull has been interested in education since
coming of age. She was inspired by her mother, who established her own school in 1968, the
distinguished Melrose Community School. While schools were closed for the teacher strike of 1968, her
mother gathered a group of parents who were determined to keep educating their children despite the
strike. Out of that determination Melrose Community School was born. Ms. Turnbull, herself, was taught
there, was active as a teacher beginning 1994, and assumed administrative duties after her mother’s
passing in 2004. She continued to work as school director until the school closed due to the 2008
financial crash. Now, dedicated to Teach for America and her own consulting company, she plans to
continue her work in bettering education by building her own company to the point of maximum impact
across the field of education. Ms. Turnbull is also working on a book of her experiences that is
guaranteed to motivate you to reach for the stars and is pursuing an additional master’s degree in youth
studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies

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